Antitrust law

The case Last week, the Council of States voted in favour of revising the Cartel Act, Switzerland’s antitrust legislation. Source: The commentary The revised law generally follows the proposal made by the...

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Summer session 2024

The case During the summer session of the Federal Assembly, which lasted from 27 May to 14 June 2024, several decisions on tax issues were on the agenda. Three decisions are worth highlighting. Source: SRF 1 The commentary Armed...

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Russian accounts to be closed

The case Sonntagszeitung reported that Swiss banks are going to close the accounts held by Russians. It seems that the banks are not only going to implement EU sanctions, but US and UK sanctions as well even though these...

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Financial sector booming

The case There is no other country in which prospects of employment are as good as they are in Switzerland. Forecasts suggest that by 2025 approximately 270,000 new jobs might be created on a macroeconomic level. Source: Blick...

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